The East Coast of the U.S. is where most of America’s oldest historical sites are located. This is where much of America’s history was written and it is full of great places to visit. Here are 2 of the best East Coast USA travel cities to visit while on the East Coast:

east coast usa travelPhiladelphia

Philadelphia houses some of the most ancient historical buildings and museums in America. If you’re visiting America next summer, here are a few great sites to visit:

- The Liberty Bell which was immortalized by movies like “Rocky” is one of the most recognizable symbols of America’s freedom and independence. Definitely a must see for anybody visiting Philadelphia.

- The Franklin Court is where Benjamin Franklin’s house once stood. Since it was torn down in the early 1800’s, only a steel frame of the house remains today. But it is still one of the most significant historical sites in America and is visited by thousand of visitors every day.

- The Betsy Ross House is the reported house of the legendary creator of the American flag, Betsy Ross. However, there is a bit of controversy surrounding this location. Some detractors say that it was actually the house next to it, which was demolished long ago, that was Betsy Ross’s real home. Nonetheless, it is still a great place to visit if you want to capture a part of America’s history.

 travel east coast usaBoston

Boston is also a very historically rich city and one of the best East Coast USA travel destinations. Here are some cool places to check out on your next visit:

- The Freedom Trail is a great way to enjoy Boston’s rich history while getting a bit of exercise. This 2 and a half miles walk trough 16 of the most significant historical sites in America is a nice way to soak up part of America’s history. While you can run trough the trail on your own, tours are provided by the Freedom Trail Foundation.

- The Museum of Science is a great place to visit, especially if you’re traveling with young children. This interactive museum is sure to keep the children excited and offers great exhibits all year long. Make sure to check out the IMAX Theater as well if you want to get the full experience.


places to visit in east coast usa - Fenway Park Stadium. A visit to Boston would not be complete without a visit to this legendary stadium. The home of the Red Sox, one of America’s most iconic and beloved baseball teams, is over 100 year old, making it one of the oldest amphitheaters in America. Make sure to score a visit while the Sox are out of town though if you want to make the most out of your visit, tours tend to be shorter than usual when the Sox are in town.

Philadelphia and Boston are great places to visit with your family next summer. Plenty of tours to these cities are available, so make sure to shop around for the best deals if you want to make the most out of your visit.