East Coast USAVisit America with style with East Coast Tours

East coast tours are definitely the best way to enjoy all of the best locations the East Coast has to offer. The East Coast of the U.S. has tons of activities to offer and great sites to visit. From shopping to wonderful beaches all the way to great shopping spots, the East Coast has everything to please travelers. Here are some of the best locations to visit on your next East Coast USA tour:

Visit the Boston Common

New England is one of the top destinations on the east coast and has so much to offer. Boston, the biggest city in New England, is full of history and great sites and museum. If you drop by, make sure to visit the Boston Common. The Boston Common is America’s oldest park and is where the British soldiers were stationed during the revolutionary war.

Time Square

If you haven’t seen Time Square once in your life, you haven’t lived! Time Square is one of the busiest and most dynamic locations on the planet with millions and millions of people going trough it everyday. It is filled with great theme restaurants and shopping spots for the avid shopoholic.

East Coast USAThe Independence Hall

The Independence Hall is where the declaration of independence was written. It is one of America’s most important historical sites and it is located in the heart of Philadelphia, which used to be America’s capital city. It is part of the wonderful National History Park which houses over 20 historical buildings. Definitely a must see for anyone wishing to visit the city of Brotherly Love.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city full of activities and culture. Even though in is not part of the US, it is located only a few hours north of the US border. Montreal offers a combination of great restaurants, nightlife and culture which will please even the most jaded of world travelers.

East Coast USAMiami Beach

Arguably America’s most famous beach, South Beach is definitely the place to go if you’re visiting Florida this summer. Miami has a great nightlife and tons of great restaurants and hotels.

Niagara Falls

Located at the frontier between the US and Canada, Niagara Falls is one of the most impressive natural sites in America. It attracts millions of people every year and was formed over 12000 years ago. It is reported that over 60000 cubic meters of water runs trough the falls every second, making it one of the biggest sites of its genre on the planet.

Whether you like to soak up the sun or visit great historical sites and museums, you will find an East Coast USA tour to fit your need.